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The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a thought-provoking, opinionated, and topic-driven journey through the top sports stories of the day. Colin's unique...Full Bio

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Hoops Tonight - Luka Doncic drops 41, Mavericks big win vs. Kevin Durant & Suns

Jason Timpf reacts to Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and the Dallas Mavericks' 123-113 win over Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and the Phoenix Suns. Jason discusses what has led to the improved Mavericks defense and what goes wrong for the Suns offense when Bradley Beal is out of the lineup. Later, Jason breaks down Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics' 129-112 win over the Chicago Bulls and clarifies why he is slightly concerned about Boston's offense heading into the NBA Playoffs. Lastly, Jason responds to JJ Redick's criticism on the state of sports media and shares why he believes the industry is in a great place.

Timeline (Timestamps may vary based on advertisements):

03:00 - Introduction

04:39 - Mavericks beat Suns

11:46 - Mavericks defense has been great

20:58 - Suns mediocre without Bradley Beal

27:23 - Celtics blow past Bulls

31:09 - How concerning is Celtics lack of interior offense?

41:19 - Responding to JJ Redick's take on sports media

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Hour 1 - The Patriots Dynasty collapse

Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn & LaVar Arrington in for Colin

Light shed on the Patriots Dynasty collapse in new documentary series

SEC pushing for National Signing Day



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Hour 2 - The Steelers need a QB

What will the Steelers do at QB in the offseason?

Geno Smith and Derek Carr get restructured deals



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Hour 3 - Nick Saban wants change

Nick Saban wants to change college football

The NFL salary cap is about to go way up


Guest: Albert Breer



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3 & Out - Justin Fields and Social Media, Caleb Williams goes agentless, Fugazi Friday

John dives into the latest with Justin Fields and if the media is looking too much into the fact the he wants to get away from football when he goes on a mini vacation, is Caleb Williams making the right decision by not having an agent, and the return of "Fugazi Friday."

Later, John answers your questions for this episode's mailbag segment.

6:45 - Justin vs. Social Media

11:10 - Head coaches vs. the media

21:19 - Caleb Williams is going agentless

25:16 - Fugazi Friday

33:00 - Mailbag

34:20 - What's going on with the Giants

52:10 - Can the Browns change their image

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Hoops Tonight - Lakers-Warriors Reaction: Steph Curry dominates, Golden State blows out LA

Jason Timpf reacts to Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and the Golden State Warriors' dominant 128-110 win over Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers, who were missing LeBron James. Jason breaks down the biggest highlights from the game and discuses what he expects from both teams moving forward as the chase to the NBA Playoffs begins. #volume #herd


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Snaps - Josh Pate on 12-team playoff, Georgia is FACE of CFB, Alabama under DeBoer

Aaron Murray and T-Bob Hebert are joined by Josh Pate to discuss the future of college football. With the 12-team playoff upon us, can anyone contend with Georgia and Ohio State? The guys then dive into Alabama under head coach Kalen DeBoer, and what he needs to do in order to keep the Crimson Tide as a national championship contender year in and year out.

01:30 - Introduction

04:00 - Mega Conferences?

17:00 - 12 team playoff

22:00 - Miami as a program

25:30 - Ohio State

33:30 - Can’t vs. Haven’t

38:30 - NCAA Video Game

(Timestamps may vary based on advertisements.)

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Hour 1 - Missing out on great moments

Covino and Rich in for Colin

What was the sporting event you wish you never missed?




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Hour 2 - Old School when 50 hits!

More on missing out on great events

Thinking back to cheap ripoffs when you were young

Old School when 50 hits



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