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Colin Cowherd Calls Out Jake Paul: 'He's Like Watching a Cover Band'

Colin Cowherd: “I liked the ‘celebrity’ of Jake Paul, he’s a celebrity and a great YouTube boxer. I liked his story, I liked his work ethic, he’s a good kid, he’s a tough kid, but he had fought a bunch of old athletes and retired MMA guys, so this was his first fight against a real boxer. Now, Tommy Fury is not good. He’s not very nimble or athletic. Tommy is more model than boxer, lower end, doesn’t move particularly well, but it was a real boxer of size who could hurt Jake Paul. They fought and I watched every second of it and my takeaway was: okay, I’ve seen enough, the story is better than the reality. Fury was more refined, more polished, and dominated. Jake Paul can swing, and can land a big punch, and knocked Fury down for about half a second. Fury landed more power punches than Jake Paul landed total punches, and Fury looked like a marginally talented ‘real’ boxer. Jake might have had the best single punch but I had it scored 6-2 or 7-1, Fury… It reminds me of years and years ago I was at a casino in Connecticut with my wife, and there was a knockoff Doors band. I love The Doors and I saw a knockoff band and they were fantastic. But I would never travel around the country watching a cover band. You would do that with The Grateful Dead, U2, Stone Temple Pilots, or Pearl Jam, but you don’t follow a cover band around the country and I kind of feel like Jake Paul is a cover band. Which is— he’s a celebrity, he works hard, he’s a tough kid, and he would beat ME up, but when you put him against a boxer, not even a good boxer, there was a gap in ability, and a gap in natural talent. Jake Paul’s ‘story’ was terrific, it’s a PPV sport, and the kid made a fortune, but it’s a cover band. When you put him up against a really unathletic, limited heavyweight he wasn’t as polished. I don’t want to see a rematch.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd compare Jake Paul to a ‘cover band’, as Colin says Paul’s loss to a mediocre Tommy Fury effectively ended his charm as this made for TV up-and-coming boxing phenom that he was being billed as.

Check out the segment above as Colin says Jake Paul is effectively a cover band that can look and sound cool for a couple shows, but eventually fans will just want to see the real thing.

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