How the Loss of Kevin Stefanski Affects Betting Line in Browns vs. Steelers

How the Loss of Kevin Stefanski Affects Betting Line in Browns vs. Steelers
RJ Bell: "We're not certain that the COVID impact is the only factor, but it obviously is the biggest factor. The line has gone from 4 to 6, so a 2-point adjustment - that's a fairly significant adjustment. In fact, the case could be made - and this is true - no player in the NFL, no player other than the quarterback is worth 2 points. Aaron Donald not worth 2 points, go through your list whoever your favorite receiver, running back, there's only a handful worth a point and a half, then there's about 30 worth a point and more worth half a point." (Full Segment Above)

Listen to RJ Bell explain how the Vegas betting lines will be altered in the upcoming Steelers vs. Browns Wild Card game on Sunday Night with the recent news of Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski being forced to miss the game because of a positive COVID test.

Stefanski can take part in virtual meetings this week leading up to the game but he’s not allowed to have any affiliation with Sunday’s game, which would include him making any orders or commands whatsoever, i.e. phone calls and text messages.

The league would consider this a ‘competitive advantage’ considering Stefanski would likely be watching the game on network television while attempting to directly communicate with Cleveland personnel – a component that would be deemed unfair.

Check out the segment above as RJ details how the lines have been moving since the news came out.

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