Man Arrested For Crudely-Drawn Forged Inspection Sticker

Rised arm writing with a black marker in a transparent white board

Photo: Getty Images

A Johnstown, New York man has been arrested on accusations that he forged an inspection sticker on his vehicle.

Police said the 30-year-old man faces a felony charge of criminal possession of a forged instrument after driving with what appeared to be Post-It Note falsely representing an inspection sticker, which was hand-written in Magic Marker and described as being difficult to read due to crude lettering by police, the Times Union reports.

A photo shared by the Times Union shows the year 2023 depicted in the middle of scribbled designs and abbreviated months.

The man was stopped by New York State troopers at around 3:37 a.m., but the department didn't specify the location in which the traffic stop took place.

The man was arrested and given an appearance ticket before being released from custody.

Two other similar incidents have taken place in the area since January.

The Fulton County Sheriff's Office shared a photo of what was described as a "very poor attempt to fake an inspection sticker," which displayed "NYS 2022" visibly drawn in black marker in connection to a drunk-driving suspect also charged with forging their certificate, the Times Union reported in July.

In January, Mechanicville Police stopped a driver who had also forged a certificated with a marker, albeit, more accurately copying the New York State inspection certificate than the two recent incidents, the Times Union reported.

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