Boston Man Disarms Robber On Train Hours Before Running Chicago Marathon

A 54-year-old year man from Boston was on his way to run in the Chicago marathon when he noticed other runners on the train rushing for the exits. Jean Paul LaPierre asked one of the other passengers what was going on and was told that somebody was robbing people at gunpoint in the back of the train.

"I said, 'This doesn't seem like the right way,'" LaPierre told Fox6. "He said, 'No, there's a guy on the train walking around right now, robbing people.' That kind of made me mad."

LaPierre, who is a former boxer, ran to the back of the train and confronted the suspect, 30-year-old Tremaine Anderson. LaPierre pinned Anderson up against the wall and managed to take away his gun during a brief struggle. Other passengers recorded the intense scene as Anderson begged LaPierre to let him go.

"I'm not letting you go! I'm not letting you go! I'm not letting you go! I'm a boxer. I'll break your head in one punch," LaPierre can be heard saying in the video.

LaPierre handed the gun to another person, who carried it off the train. Some of Anderson's friends approached and started threatening LaPierre, but he refused to release Anderson.

"They started threatening me, but I just stood in his face," LaPierre said. "The guy kept saying to me, 'It's just a gun, let me go, let me go.' I kept telling him, 'You're not going anywhere.'"

Eventually, the police arrived and took Anderson, who has a lengthy history of prior arrests, into custody. He was charged with one felony count of robbery with a firearm and remains locked up after a judge denied his request for bond.

LaPierre didn't let the encounter with Anderson bother him, and he still managed to run in his 12th Chicago Marathon later that day.

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