NBA Playoffs Underway

The Cavs opened up defense of their championship over the weekend and let's just say that they didn't flip the switch.  In fairness, the Cavs did get a victory over the seven seed Indiana 109-108 and they did play better defense Saturday than the last two or three months of the regular season.  HOWEVER, the effort was nowhere near championship material and I doubt that this game is going to serve as a wake-up call.

Truthfully, I was hoping that C.J. Miles fourteen foot shot would've gone in at the buzzer because that would've been the jolt this Cavs team needs.  The Cavs need the slap in the face that Toronto and Boston received when they lost Game One of their best of 7 series with Milwaukee and Chicago respectively. 

Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe the close finish in game one will give the Cavs that playoff mentality.  We'll find out tonight at the Q...