We've Become Pansies

I never thought I would ever say this about our sports, let alone our people, but what I am about to say is long, LONG overdue.  We have become a bunch of pansies.

Allow me to explain.  With all this talk about a gigantic winter storm (and in NE Ohio, that's all it is...talk), we are acting like a bunch of people from the south who have never seen snow before.  Now that's not a knock on my brothers and sisters who live south of the Mason/Dixon line because they don't get to see snow all that often in the winter.  They aren't used to it, but we are...

Let me fill you folks in on a little secret...IT SNOWS IN THE WINTER!!  At the risk of sounding like an old man, when I was a kid we didn't have any days off unless the roads were hazardous and trust me, our superintendent got up at 5:00am and drove around town and the back country roads to make that call.

So, because of an inch or two of snow...and the "possibility" of (gasp) another inch or two of snow, the D-4 Regional Tournament game between McDonald and Warren JFK has been cancelled.  This despite the fact that the roads are quite safe...the woosification of our country sickens me...only now, it's starting to infiltrate into sports and that just bothers me to no end.

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