RIP Animal

As many of you know, I am a fan of professional wrestling.  Before anyone laughs, I know the "sport" isn't "real."

However, the wrestlers, and their personalities, are very real.  One of my favorites, George "The Animal" Steele,  passed away last night.

His character was quite unusual.  He was an ogre who had a green tounge and enough hair on his back to make him look like an animal, hence the nickname.  Thing is, "The Animal" was quite the scholar.  He was a graduate of Michigan State University, receiving a bachelor of science degree, and later received a master's degree from Central Michigan University.  "The Animal" was a teacher, as well as a wrestling and football coach, at Madison High School in Madison Heights, Michigan.  He must've been a great coach, because he's a member of the Michigan Coaches HOF.

George Steele got his start in the late 60's when he and Bruno Sammartino did studio wrestling together on WIIC, the then NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh.  He became a fixture in the WWF until he became ill in 1988, though he did wrestle part-time throughout the '90's and early 2000's.

RIP Animal...

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