HS Basketball At Its Best

Last night at Lisbon High School, a girls basketball game was played between unbeaten Columbiana and twice beaten Lisbon.  What transpired was simply the best high school basketball game I have seen in twenty+ years.

Don't get me wrong, there were mistakes made during the course of the game.  Plenty of turnovers by both teams.  However, the pace of the game and the clutch shooting from both teams with the game on the line, was something I haven't seen in a long time.

I am so impressed with the tenacity of Columbiana.  They were getting beat by double digits for most of the game before going on a 13-4 run over the final 1:08 of regulation to tie the game.  Whoever beats this team will have to be damn near perfect.

I love how Lisbon doesn't let anything affect their game.  Lose a big lead?  No problem.  Need a three to tie the game in OT?  They did it.

We the high school basketball fans of the Mahoning Valley can only hope there is a third meeting between these two teams at the Struthers Fieldhouse, site of the D-3 Girls District Tournament.

Well done ladies!!

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